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Promoting Institutional Judicial Innovation in the Pursuit of Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice in Latin America, Buenos Aires

This intersectoral workshop brough together prosecutors, investigative judges, justice activists, and scholars from Latin America and Europe to discuss obstacles and opportunities to advance corporate judicial accountability for gross human rights violations, from war crimes and genocide to massive destruction of environment and economic dispossession of indigenous groups across the globe. It included over 40 participants from a variety of countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and United Kingdom. The event particularly aimed to promote institutional innovation to pursue corporate accountability for crimes against humanity committed during authoritarian governments and civil conflicts, but extended to corporate abuses in democratic systems. Since the companies involved in human rights violations in the past are strong economic actors in the present, developments to accountability are likely to occur only if civil society and judicial actors are strong enough to overcome the veto power of corporations. The workshop thus aimed to strengthen judicial innovation and civil society demand, and encourage strategies that are able to balance on the side of victims rather than economic actors with veto power, at both national and international level.

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